Might-A-Mins Spectrum Isotonix OPC-3

Might-A-Mins Spectrum Isotonix OPC-3 provides a strong antioxidant defense, which is especially beneficial for children who need neurological, metabolic, or digestive support. Children benefit from Might-A-Mins Spectrum Isotonix OPC-3 for numerous reasons.

Might-A-Mins Spectrum Isotonix OPC-3Might-A-Mins Spectrum Isotonix OPC-3 serves as a powerful free radical scavenger, combating oxidative stress in the body and it also provides great immune support. Due to the excessive quantities of toxins ingested by humans, the liver often cannot work fast enough to rid the body of all toxins.

Supplementation with OPC-3 assists in providing antioxidant defense, maintaining brain health, and supporting the production of neurotransmitters.*



Our children’s vitamins and supplements are specialty formulated to provide your children with the proper daily allowances of most vitamins and minerals that are best for them. Another benefit of Might-A-Mins Spectrum Isotonix OPC-3 is that it is delivered in an isotonic solution. Isotonic solutions bear the same chemical resemblance to blood and tears, allowing for superior delivery and complete absorption.

Benefits of Might-A-Mins Spectrum Isotonix OPC-3:

– Provides strong antioxidant defense
– Powerful free-radical scavenger
– Helps maintain brain health
– Supports the production of neurotransmitters
– Helps maintain healthy circulation by strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins
– Supports healthy blood vessel dilation
– Promotes healthy nitric oxide levels

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