TLS Find Your Fit 2014 Fall Challenge

Find Your Fit Challenge

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OPC-3 and Weight Loss

TLS Detox Kit

We receive a lot questions on this topic "OPC-3 and weight loss" and based on some studies we have found that it may help when used in conjunction with other products such as our TLS Detox Kit our any of our Weight Management Products. Instead of turning to individual detox supplements that don't give you everything you need, use the TLS Detox Kit … [Read more...]

Twelve Weeks ‘til Summer!

summer time

March 29 marks exactly 12 weeks until the first day of summer — do you want to lose weight before it’s time to hit the beach? Get ready to turn heads this summer with the TLS Weight Loss Solution. Our community will kick off a 12-week Summer Slim Down event starting March 29. Want to lose weight or know someone who wants to lose weight? … [Read more...]