WHY Isotonix

** Not All Supplements Are Created Equal **

Isotonix Supplements 
Isotonix supplements offer the fastest and most efficient delivery system of all supplements. Formulated using only the most advanced and scientifically proven ingredients, Isotonix products provide both rapid delivery and superior results. Isotonix supplements are completely free of binders and fillers common in traditional tablet and capsule products so you know that you are getting only the quality ingredients you expect. Isotonix has you covered with ingredients from astaxanthin to zinc and products from antioxidants to vision support.

Our Isotonix vitamins and supplements contain no fillers, no binders, no coatings, no artificial coloring, no artificial preservatives or no animal products.

When taken on an empty stomach, our Isotonix vitamin supplements are 90-95% bio-available in 5 minutes, on it’s way into the bloodstream providing essential nutrient building blocks for the body to use immediately unlike most pills which can take up to 6 hours.


What Makes Our Isotonix Supplements Unique?
The word Isotonic, which means “same pressure,” basically means that it has the same chemical resemblance of your own body’s blood, plasma and tears. Our Isotonix dietary supplements are delivered in an isotonic solution which means that your body has to work less in order to obtain maximum absorption and it also allows nutrients to pass directly into the small intestine and be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream within minutes. With our Isotonix supplements, little nutritional value is lost, making the absorption of nutrients highly efficient while delivering maximum results.




Concentration and absorption
Concentration and absorption are factors that go hand in hand for the proper use of nutritional supplements. Concentration – the amount of nutrient dissolved in a given amount of a solvent such as water or stomach fluid – is usually directly related to the efficiency of nutrient absorption. This is especially true in the process of passive diffusion. Passive diffusion works when the concentration of nutrients in the lumen of the small intestine is higher than the concentration inside the intestinal cells.

The nutrients “flow”down from the gradient from high to low concentration. Since Isotonix supplements experience little dilution in the gastrointestinal tract, they are delivered in high concentration and ensure efficient absorption.

Because of their physiological character, Isotonix solutions undergo very little dilution in the body before they reach the absorption sites. They are the ideal vehicle for rapid nutrient utilization. Isotonix are the world’s most advanced nutraceuticals.

Why is gastric (stomach) emptying time so important?
The longer a supplement stays in the stomach, the longer the time before absorption can begin, because no appreciable absorption occurs from the stomach. Often the rate-limiting step in the absorption process is the time it takes for the tablet or capsule to disintegrate, and the nutrients to dissolve and equilibrate to the proper (isotonic) state to leave the stomach. When all this has been completed — up to 40 minutes after ingestion — the diluted, acid-attacked nutrients can enter the small intestine for absorption.

Why is gastric emptying time stressed when talking about Isotonix?
Nutrients that are already isotonic do not need to be broken down into an isotonic state. Therefore, gastric emptying occurs more rapidly. Biological sensors in the gastrointestinal tract detect that the ingested solution is isotonic and at a correct pH. This causes the pyloric valve at the lower end of the stomach to remain open, allowing the concentrated solution to be squirted into the small intestine by stomach contractions. Absorption of the nutrients by the intestinal mucosa then starts to occur.